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What is Osmosis and How to Deal With It

Osmosis is a degenerative process that occurs inside the fiberglass laminates when water has penetrated thought the gelcoat to the polyester compound. Gelcoat despite it’s excellent properties is not 100% waterproof nor is destined to be waterproof though the life of a boat. Gelcoat loses its impermeability over the years (knocks, natural wear & tear, pores, cracks) and allows water to seep into it progressively.
Once the gelcoat layer has been breached by the sea, the underlying polyester will react chemically with the sea water and decompose by producing acetic acid. Since acetic acid cannot escape back into the water …

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Palm Tree Symbolism in Custom Oil Painting Composition – Part 1

Custom Oil Paintings Have Become More Accessible, Often Given As Gifts
Hail, friends, maybe you wish to commission a custom oil painting — or maybe you are a painting artist, who will be commissioned to do original paintings. Custom oil portraits make excellent gifts for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, and other gift ideas.
Nowadays, good-quality custom oil paintings are truly cheap, to be gotten, because of the Chinese art schools. Those schools have produced thousands of capable oil painters, who can produce excellent quality painting in large numbers.
Thousands Are Changing Their Approach To Art Composition
I write …

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Colour – Using the Wheel

The painting shows a sunny day in the countryside where two women and their children wander through an open field. A summery sky filled with fluffy white clouds is bordered by a row of dark trees that almost hide a distant farmhouse. The grassy field, scattered with wild poppies, fills the entire foreground. What do we see in terms of colour scheme in this painting?
Dominant hue: Yellow-Green. As the Impressionists were well aware, a bright landscape looks mainly yellow. So, the Yellow-Green grass nearly fills the canvas.
Adjacent hues: Yellow tips the grasses and makes the straw hats of …

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Info on Face Painting Books

Do you have a creative child that you want to do activities with that will help express their artistic creativity? Or are you involved in events for kids where your job is to entertain them? Perhaps you are an arts and crafts teacher? If so, you should look into reading face painting books because many children love this activity.
Face painting books teach you the basics on the technique of face painting. You may remember that when you were a child, you may have gone to a birthday party or a fun school function where they had a clown or …