4 Differences Between Good and Bad Painting Contractors

More and more businesses and home owners are hiring painting contractors to paint their interior and exterior walls and resurface their floors rather than attempting to do it by themselves. There are some great contractors that deliver quality services at competitive rates, however there are also inexperienced painters and a few con artists looking for your business. Whenever possible ask your friends and colleagues for referrals and check out references.
Remember a pleasant personality and big talk doesn’t guarantee a good job. Slick talk and compliments are often the tools of scammers. You can usually avoid inexperienced painting contractors if you take time to look at their credentials and ask a few questions. Here’s a list of 5 things to consider when looking for a painting contractor.
1. Instant Quotes vs. Complete Accurate Quotes – It takes time to assess a fair and accurate quote. If the contractor does it off of the top of his head or only gives you a general figure, you might want to turn and walk away. Professional quotes should include a breakdown of labor and material costs.
2. Unbelievably Low Price vs. A Fair and Competitive Fee – If the quoted fee is “too good to be true” it just might be. Quality material and experienced labor are not free. If the price is very low you might end up with inferior paint and inexperience labor. There might also be unexpected fees after the job begins or incomplete work.
3. No Address or Business Card vs. Licensed and Insured – Some contractors work out of home offices but a PO Box is a different matter. Ask if the contractor is insured and licensed. A legitimate business person is happy to provide credentials.
4. No References vs. Portfolio and Referrals Someone new to the area may not have local references but if the contractor claims to be established the reason he or she doesn’t have a referrals may be because nobody was satisfied.