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Outdoor Art – Provide A Royal Look To Your Outdoors

Designing your outdoors is a very chaotic task as the outdoor accessories need special care and protection from the climatic conditions. There are number of accessories available in the market which may enhance the beauty of your outdoors. Nowadays the equipments of outdoor art are gaining a wide popularity. Outdoor canvas art is a great option to think about for your exteriors.
Canvas art includes arts and paintings made with special colors which remain unaffected by the weather elements. Talented artists by using their imaginative and creative skills produce a masterpiece of art. These accessories add tranquility and create a …

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Contemporary Art

Faux Painting – How to Turn it Into a Profitable Business

Faux Painting can be an easy way to start in your own profitable full or part-time painting business for two reasons. First, you can make some really great profits as a painter because this is a specialty type of painting that is not easy to do for most people.
Most people assume that they know all about painting. But they are just the opposite when it comes to faux painting of course. And the ones that dabble in faux usually make a mess anyway.
Secondly, because faux painting is a “specialty niche” type of painting you can hook up with …

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What Kind Of Support Is Needed For Painting In Oil?

This does not refer to a kind of help line or financial support! A support is what a painter puts paint on to. There are several alternatives available (excluding painting on walls and ceilings, which we shall not go into here), some of which are traditional, some developed much more recently.
Wood panels have been a common type of support for hundreds of years. Today, however, there are better alternatives available and types that are easier to use. The problems with wood are that the timber needs to be at least one inch thick, and even then, unless …

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Hop Into New World Through Painting and Decorating

I never knew painting and decorating plays an important role for any occasion since we planned to celebrate my son’s first birthday at our house. We did invite all our friends and family members but our house did not seem to be ready for that occasion, so we decided to paint and decorate our whole house with exclusive design. Today I am going to share that experience which may interest you.
Hiring an expert for painting and decorating is quite expensive, so we had to trust on ourselves. We came up with an idea that for each room we will …