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Modern Paintings

Framing and Matting – See How to Give Extra Worth to Your Painting

It is said that painting is very important for an artist. It is not that you just put your painting on to canvas or the paper, but I would say presenting your masterpiece is also equally important. It gives extra worth to your painting and makes it look complete. You can complete them by framing or matting. Let us learn that how easy it is to give more worth to your painting.
If you have worked on watercolor painting, the very next step after you have signed and completed your painting is matting. Many a times we are not happy …

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Painting Art

Deciding When to Paint a Home’s Interior

The decision to paint the interior of a home can be the result of several factors. When there is more than one sign that the home interior needs attention, it is better to add fresh paint sooner rather than later.
The age of the home matters. Many older homes were painted with colors that were pretty back in their day, but not even close to the thousands of colors that are available today. The paint in older homes does not have the life expectancy of the more highly resilient paints of today. Therefore, fading, spotting, and peeling become very apparent.…

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Oil Painting

Estimating Painting Jobs Using the PC

When I go to a Paint Job, I still see my competitors’ hand writing their estimates. This may be a quick way but it doesn’t look professional. Just to run through the customer’s job and quickly scribble an estimate down by hand is cheating you the painter out of the best chance to win the estimate.
Why not present a professional printed estimate? A lot of contractors will bring a laptop and portable to the job, but I don’t like this because the client tends to rush you through the estimate. This makes it more likely to make mistakes because …

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Gift Ideas – Paintings

Exchanging gifts is one of the most important means to keep in touch, show that you care and also give best wishes. Every time we have to visit a function or a marriage or an office event we are faced with the problem of selection of an appropriate gift. The most important question faced by us is to select a gift that will be unique, has universal appeal and also shows our taste. Paintings are now emerging as a very unique and personalized form of gift idea. Individuals as well as corporate sectors are tapping in the potential of maintaining …