Curb Address Painting – A Home Business Opportunity

A unique idea to get you a home based business is an older idea but it still offers a fresh approach to an easy way to make money. You can offer a unique service for very little cash. This is especially attractive because most people are watching how they spend their money. You can offer to paint their address on their front curb.
There is always a need for painting house numbers on the curbs. In most cities this is a service that can help emergency vehicles find the correct address when the authorities are looking for the people that need assistance.
There are many homes that have their address on the house but sometimes they are covered by vines or other landscaping plants. At night it is extremely difficult to see addresses that are located on the house. Numbers that are placed on the curb definitely makes it easier to find the house you are trying to locate.
The tools that you need for your new business are few. You can probably get by with a set of numbered stencils, masking tape along with a couple of cans of fast drying spray paint. It would probably help to have some inexpensive business cards.
There are several approaches that you can use to find customers:
The first approach is to paint the address numbers on the curb and then approach the occupant and hope that it is the home owner. Let them know what you have done and then ask for a donation. Some experts say that you should leave the amount of their donation up to them.
The problem is you run the risk of upsetting some people. They may not want the address painted or you might paint the wrong number on the curb. Either way; you might have an angry owner on your hands.
The second approach to use to get your business is to go to each house and explain what you are doing. See if they are interested in having the curb painted with their address.
You should fix a price that is reasonable and attractive. Explain how helpful it is for emergency vehicles if they need assistance in the future. Agree to a price and write down the correct address because you do not want any mistakes.
As you progress in your new venture; you will get more creative and figure out ways to get the work done in a faster fashion. For instance; you can design your stencil holder so to hold 4 or 5 numbers that can be slipped in and out rapidly. Your holder should also be engineered to place all the numbers about the same height from the street and the top of the curb.
You should be able to make at least One to Two Hundred dollars each day if you work fast and hone your salesmanship. Believe me; it does get easier as you progress in your new venture.