Faux Painting – How to Turn it Into a Profitable Business

Faux Painting can be an easy way to start in your own profitable full or part-time painting business for two reasons. First, you can make some really great profits as a painter because this is a specialty type of painting that is not easy to do for most people.
Most people assume that they know all about painting. But they are just the opposite when it comes to faux painting of course. And the ones that dabble in faux usually make a mess anyway.
Secondly, because faux painting is a “specialty niche” type of painting you can hook up with other painters who do just regular conventional residential or commercial painting. And there are interior decorators as well. These people can call you (the specialist) from time to time when needed for a project.
This can be a great fill in between all your other jobs. You could work for a painting contractor directly or he could give you projects as a sub-contractor even.
If you work with an interior decorator, they may have someone that does all their wallpapering jobs for them that they call from time to time. You could be their source for faux painting.
As a faux artist you have quite a few choices. Referrals from the paint store, other house painters, interior decorators and even the Yellow Pages in time if you wanted. But the phone book will take time to get your listing going. You may never need it anyway. You could also create your own web site for potential customers to see some of your work.
You will probably want some samples of your work on your site as well as in person. You should also have a photo of yourself and contact information as well on your web site.
Here Are Some More Tips To Help You Start Getting Faux Painting Jobs…
1. Learn a few of the basic popular techniques. This is a good way to get started. Lowe’s Home Improvement stores have a great selection of faux painting brochures. These brochures have popular faux techniques and designs you can easily master. You can also use the brochures to give people some ideas to choose from.
2. Get good at doing the more advanced faux techniques. These skills will give you work in the better homes and businesses. And they will give you higher profits and job security. You will be a skilled faux artist and untouchable when it comes to any competition!
3. Get business by working with paint stores. Leave them your business card. They can also refer you to contractors and decorators as well as potential walk-in customers. Offer the paint store sales clerks a 10% commission on any new first time business. When you get jobs through them use the stores products. In time, as they get to know you, you will be able to establish credit with them as well.
You could also possibly get business by getting referrals from other business owners and definitely through previous customers. Use these plus your own advertising efforts to increase your customer base. Again, you can even offer a 10% referral bonus for any new business anyone steers your way.
4. Take classes or workshops to increase your skills and your profits. The better you get and the more knowledge you acquire about your trade the more you will make. Also your confidence will be up and you will be more aggressive in your marketing. Your skills and talent will be sought after by people that are excited about your painting and from word-of-mouth as well.