Framing and Matting – See How to Give Extra Worth to Your Painting

It is said that painting is very important for an artist. It is not that you just put your painting on to canvas or the paper, but I would say presenting your masterpiece is also equally important. It gives extra worth to your painting and makes it look complete. You can complete them by framing or matting. Let us learn that how easy it is to give more worth to your painting.
If you have worked on watercolor painting, the very next step after you have signed and completed your painting is matting. Many a times we are not happy with the kind of framing done so matting can be done easily. The width of the mats is mostly between 2″ to 3″ and then it depends on size of your painting. Off white is the color usually used for the mat board. After the mat will be cut and completed place it in the plastic sleeve so that it is fully safe from dirt.
You save a lot of time and money by cutting the mats on your own. It is very economical when you buy the mat boards in bulk quantity. One whole sheet of the mat board measures 32″x40″ which gives four pieces of 16″x20″ mats or two of 20″x24″ mats.
Framing – Be very careful while you choose the frame for your painting. Give two or more frames for proper alignment. Choose a perfect color which matches with the painting. The size should also match the painting; it should not empower your painting. Choose the right kind of frame for your painting. Decorative and antique frame suits some paintings while some paintings look better in simple frames. Take suggestions of your friends and family for the framing if you are confused. Acrylic painting which is done on canvas requires coating of acrylic varnish. Framing or matting neither is nor required for such paintings.
I would say that framing and matting is equally important as the painting is.