Hop Into New World Through Painting and Decorating

I never knew painting and decorating plays an important role for any occasion since we planned to celebrate my son’s first birthday at our house. We did invite all our friends and family members but our house did not seem to be ready for that occasion, so we decided to paint and decorate our whole house with exclusive design. Today I am going to share that experience which may interest you.
Hiring an expert for painting and decorating is quite expensive, so we had to trust on ourselves. We came up with an idea that for each room we will use different color and decorate in our own way. Apart from this we wanted to paint the outer walls of our house with best fits to its nature. The next day we bought all the necessary items to do our job. We did start our work from outside but we didn’t realize how hard it would be to remove all the graffiti from the walls. We tried our level best to get rid of those but unable to get a smile on our face. So we didn’t have any other choice except calling a professional to remove them and without any doubt that cost us pretty handsome amount. It was very difficult for us to paint outer walls specially the upper portion of the walls. We had to use ladder at the same time kept ourselves balanced while painting simultaneously.
After some portion was done, we realized that the expected color was not reflecting on the wall. So we had to mix up few colors to convince ourselves. We applied that color on the wall but still having the same problem. We were really frustrated with the result on our works. Occasion date was knocking the door. So considering the event date we called up an expert again and while discussing our expectation to the expert we came to know some working principles regarding painting and decorating works like – textured coatings, specialist painted finishes, floor coatings, waterproofing, wallpapering, lead paint removal, rust protection, heritage painting etc. which must be done for a beautiful painting and decorating works and these tasks are fairly impossible to do by someone without any knowledge.
We got amazed seeing our newly decorated house with all these painting and decorating works. We celebrated our son’s birthday party with lots of fun; most of our guests appreciated the look of our newly decorated house. Finally, I must thank those professionals who helped me decorating my house to a new beauty. And I advise you not to waste your time after painting your house by your own if you do not have the expertise.