Oil Painting Lessons – Where to Start?

So you’ve decided to start oil painting, but you’ve realized it’s a lot more complex than you once thought. Where do you go next? You find some oil painting lessons. Oil painting lessons are a great way to learn all the tips and tricks you need to know to start painting like a master.
Good lessons will cover the basics of drawing, composition, form, color, and the properties of oil paint itself.
The most important part of learning how to oil paint is actually learning how to draw! It seems silly, but if you can draw well, you already have a huge chunk of the basics you need to create beautiful oil paintings. When you first start your oil painting lessons, you will learn to begin by working with existing images as the base of your artwork. You can transfer the lines of the image using your drawing or tracing skills. A good way to start out is just by tracing the image using carbon paper to get it to copy onto your canvas. For larger pieces, a projector is an excellent option. If you don’t have a projector available, a basic way to get started is by creating scaled grids on your original photo and on your canvas, so that you can copy the picture one small square at a time, which makes accuracy much easier.
Composition is the layout of a painting. It looks at where things lay within a picture plane, and the visual interest created by their placement. In order to have a good composition, an artist needs to achieve a natural symmetry or balance, not an exact mirror image symmetry. Think of natural symmetry like a tree – the two sides of a tree are not exactly the same, but they are evenly balanced enough that the tree doesn’t topple over. Your art should have the same quality.
Using your knowledge of composition and good drawing skills, you can create a lovely piece of artwork, and you haven’t even begun touching the paint yet! Once you start learning more in your oil painting lessons, there will be no stopping you from becoming a serious artist.