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Colour – Using the Wheel

The painting shows a sunny day in the countryside where two women and their children wander through an open field. A summery sky filled with fluffy white clouds is bordered by a row of dark trees that almost hide a distant farmhouse. The grassy field, scattered with wild poppies, fills the entire foreground. What do we see in terms of colour scheme in this painting?
Dominant hue: Yellow-Green. As the Impressionists were well aware, a bright landscape looks mainly yellow. So, the Yellow-Green grass nearly fills the canvas.
Adjacent hues: Yellow tips the grasses and makes the straw hats of …

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Info on Face Painting Books

Do you have a creative child that you want to do activities with that will help express their artistic creativity? Or are you involved in events for kids where your job is to entertain them? Perhaps you are an arts and crafts teacher? If so, you should look into reading face painting books because many children love this activity.
Face painting books teach you the basics on the technique of face painting. You may remember that when you were a child, you may have gone to a birthday party or a fun school function where they had a clown or …

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Guitar Playing And What It Takes To Get Good

Have you always desired to pick up an instrument? A guitar makes an excellent choice. Whether you are teaching yourself to play or taking lessons, you can always benefit from outside help. Use the following advice to get started.

Do not worry that you need to learn so much at once. When you take it slow and are patient, success will follow. If you use the guitar each and every day, you will slowly start to learn the skills that you need for more complex playing.

Get a guitar instructor. It is true that you can learn guitar on your …

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Interior Design: How to Add Accents With Paint Colors

Many of us play it safe with our choice of color schemes especially when making big purchases such as carpets and sofas. And it is true that a mistake with these is expensive to put right so neutral may be your best option if you are unsure about color. But when it comes to paint you can be a little braver because paint is so inexpensive to buy and so easy to paint over if you don’t like the result. And if your color scheme is too neutral (i.e. is looking a little dull) you can add some wonderful accents …