Painting – Thought, Feelings and Sentiments

The white drawing paper was lying on the table, and a little lad was standing and staring at it. It appeared that he was lost deep within his thoughts. However, he remained unnoticed by others barring his mother. She quietly approached him and gently patted on his back. She showered all her love and affection, and then asked him. What he was thinking about? He turned and looked at his mother. His twinkling eyes were showing sign of his earnest desire. He asked permission to paint on the paper. His mother nods in affirmative and smiled. Her profound and abundant love was the source for his son’s encouragement exploring his talents.
The little lad was thrilled and ran to his bedroom to collect brush and paint. His mother knew he loves painting. His paintings were very unusual. His painting illustrated vibrant colours reflecting his mood, feelings and deep imaginations. Whenever he painted something, her mother appreciated and preserved it in a separate folder. Her inability to correlate the brush strokes and depth of his thoughts remained still a mystery to her. The vibrant colours of the painting clearly show his feelings and imagination. His paintings were fascinating and a source of joy and happiness to her. She knew he communicates through his paintings. She was encouraging his talents and provided necessary tools. The little lad was a bit reserved among other family members. However, he was relaxed and free with his mother.
The mother left the scene and got busy with her routine work. She was a homemaker and very meticulous in her disposition. He was a genius in his own way. His passion for colours and sketches has always been a priority to him. The circumstances were very encouraging and favourable. He was alone with his mother. The house was located on the out skirt of the county which has a scenic beauty. The serenity in the house was an added advantage to the little artist. He was at ease, as his mother was always smiling and shows love and affection.
This occasion was very special in his life. He was happy and environments were excellent. He started painting in all his seriousness. The landscape was portraying his feelings and love for his mother. Slowly, but steadily it was emerging as an excellent piece of art. The fading of twilight and emergence of the day break through the mountain and over the water spoke volumes of his mindset. His feelings towards her mother’s personality were elevated the motherhood stature. The rising sun was depicting towering personality of his mother. The passage of light through the mountain indicated the hardship she undergoes in rearing the child. The sun light covering the entire stretch of water surface reflects her love and affection. The overall painting expresses his profound emotion and gratitude to her beloved mother.
He was satisfied that he could complete the painting in a short time. He showed it to her and waited for her comments. She said that this painting is an awesome and magnificent piece of art. It was totally different from his previous paintings. She adored it and wanted to frame it and keep in her bedroom. He inquired why it should be in the bedroom. She replied, that it constantly reminds his innocent face and abundant gratitude reflecting through the painting. It was the most precious and unique gift from a child to his mother. She was showering magnanimity while answering and the tears were rolling down her cheeks. She hugged the child and kissed him. The lad face was glowing with happiness and satisfaction.