Painting Vinyl Shutters

You no longer need to replace your vinyl shutters when they begin to look old and worn. If you are trying to save money, it is a fairly easy process to restore your old shutters to the point that they look almost like new by painting them. The only recommendation is that you do not radically alter their original color, but that you stick as close as you can to their original shade.
In order for the paint to stick to the shutters you will need to locate an acrylic paint that has urethane resins it in. You most likely will not be able to find this paint at places like Home Depot or Lowes, however, but you should be able to find it in larger paint stores. Regular paint does not stick to vinyl as well as paint containing urethane resins.
Some people have tried using exterior paint, however that does not work well at all. Vinyl naturally expands during the heat of the day and shrinks during the cooler evenings. Exterior paint cannot keep up with that constant movement and it will simply start to peel off the vinyl after a while.
Instructions for Painting Vinyl Shutters
• Take the shutters down, making sure that you keep all of the screws in one place.
• Wash the shutters with soapy water and a sponge. For stubborn dirt, or dirt in hard to reach places you may need to use a scrub brush. Soap them up as many times as you need to in order to thoroughly clean them. Once they are clean rinse them off well with warm water, making sure to get rid of all traces of suds.
• Dry the shutters with a cloth. You should do your painting in a shaded spot.
• You may want to put down newspaper so that you do not get paint everywhere. First paint one side of the shutters and then, when the paint on that side is dry, turn them over and paint the other side.
• Wait several days before reinstalling the shutters. You want to make sure the paint has had time to dry thoroughly before putting them up again. Do not leave them in the sun while the paint is drying, but rather set them somewhere under cover. It may be best to leave them inside somewhere, in your garage or an inside work area, to prevent any dust from the air settling on the drying shutters.
It is a fairly easy procedure to paint vinyl shutters providing you use the right kind of paint, and allow it to dry thoroughly before reinstalling them.