Points to Consider Before Buying Paintings Online

The age of internet has arrived and as we can communicate with the whole world at our finger tips, the field of art is also no longer behind. The common man and artists had to visit galleries to be in touch with the field of art. Nowadays the trends are changing. Art can be accessed in our homes and this has created a wide exposure to artists as well as people interested in art.
Buying paintings online has become a very simple procedure. One can select form a wide number of choices of paintings, and on a mouse click you own a piece of art. Some points to be considered before making an internet purchase of paintings would be to see a safer payment option which has less risk of our personal data being hacked.
Selection of paintings must be done considering the size of the paintings.
Internet pictures are not the correct indication of size and before selecting art one must go in the details of the painting and understand the exact size available and our displaying space available. Authenticity of the online gallery or broker must be checked and details regarding price for shipping and transport also must be clarified before making a purchase.
Terms of agreement for purchase must be gone through to understand how to proceed if the piece of art is not according to that which was promised. If there is a return option, if the piece was not delivered in good condition, must be clarified before purchase. Misleading advertisements can also make us go in for a wrong purchase and we may end up paying for a fake. Authenticity certificate and artists contact must always accompany the piece of art purchased. Prints purchased online must be signed personally by the artists and dated and numbered.
Considerable thought must also be given to the condition of the paintings specially the works of famous artists. The condition must be clarified as good before making the purchase other wise we may end up in giving a fortune for restoration of the artwork.