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His Most Famous Painting (Morning) – Philipp Runge

The famous proponent of German ‘Romantic’ painting, Philipp Otto Runge, best known as Philipp Runge (July 1777 – December 1810) was as good a draughtsman as he was a painter. He was a pioneer in the study of color harmony and his line of works was remarkable for its experimentation, with the varying proportions of red, yellow, and blue to create a magnificent array of unique colors. Most of Philipp’s art carried the definite shades of religiousness and a sense of the universal sync of soul and divinity. Among his most popular works was a series of four paintings, called …

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His Most Famous Painting (Isle of the Dead) – Arnold Bocklin

Leading nineteenth century ‘Symbolist’ painter, Arnold Bocklin (1827-1901) was known for his innovative representation of mythological subjects. This Swiss artist had a curious knack for adding a dramatic spin to deep expressions. He began as a landscape painter, but his body of works contained an element of the fantastical, rather than the real. His paintings carried a unique fusion of ‘Romanticism’ with the dark concept of ‘death,’ in a ‘Symbolist’ fashion. Bocklin was a great inspiration for veterans such as Salvador Dali, who inherited Arnold’s obsession with fantasy and decay. His magnum opus, “Isle of the Dead,” is considered among …

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His Most Famous Stained Glass Painting (Garden Landscape & Fountain) – Louis Comfort Tiffany

Louis Comfort Tiffany or Louis C. Tiffany (February 18, 1848 -January 17, 1933), an American painter and ‘Glass Designer,’ was born in New York. Since very young age, Louis was interested in art and painting and formally learned painting in Paris. Tiffany’s most works had the influence of ‘Art Nouveau’ and ‘Aestheticism.’ Starting as a painter, he got attracted towards glassmaking in 1875 and worked with many glass houses in Brooklyn, until 1878. In 1879, he associated with Samuel Coleman, Candace Wheeler, and Lockwood de Forest to establish the organization Louis Comfort Tiffany & Associated American Artists. His aspiration to …