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Pottery Painting, Soap Making and Decoupage Parties

There are 3 crafty party ideas which can be really good fun to do and learn from. Whether you have artistic and creative flair or not, you can always produce something that looks good.

With pottery painting, although what a person might create on a chosen piece of pottery might initially look a bit drab, once it has been glazed and fired it always comes out looking really great. Painting onto bisque (white unfired pottery) is very easy. After washing the bisque down to get rid of any residue and dust you apply the paint to a maximum of three …

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6 Tips For Making Your Home Better

It seems like there’s always something to repair or change around the home. Some improvements are big and others are small. And with everything you do, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Hopefully, the six tips below will add value to your home or make some of your tasks much easier.
1. Be careful with eco-friendly and organic insulation. While wool insulation and recycled insulation (often made of denim) may be easier on nature in terms of its manufacture and chemical content, it doesn’t have the type of tight seal or R-value that’s …