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The Best Paint Brushes For Acrylic Paint

With all the choices in the paint supply aisle, it may be hard to determine which are the best brushes to use for acrylic painting. Here are some tips and advice to help you out.
Since acrylic paint is a thick paint compared to watercolor you should have a few sizes of stiff bristle brushes. Bristle brushes are essential for the acrylic artist. They are great for adding large quantities of paint as an under painting to the canvas and they are also superb for blending paint directly on the canvas. I have several sizes of bristle brushes and use …

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The New Paint Zoom – A Home Painting Revelation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ll no doubt have heard of Paint Zoom – the unique all-in-one painting system, capable of attacking any job around the house and home and able to deliver great results. Are the adverts and infomercials correct or are they pulling the wool over your eyes?
First of all, let’s see what all the fuss is about. What do the infomercials say about the product and are they correct in what they say.
The machine uses a paint spray technique, so straightaway we can see that the product removes the …

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Deciding When to Paint a Home’s Interior

The decision to paint the interior of a home can be the result of several factors. When there is more than one sign that the home interior needs attention, it is better to add fresh paint sooner rather than later.
The age of the home matters. Many older homes were painted with colors that were pretty back in their day, but not even close to the thousands of colors that are available today. The paint in older homes does not have the life expectancy of the more highly resilient paints of today. Therefore, fading, spotting, and peeling become very apparent.…

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Magnetic Paint – A Great Way to Add a Special Touch to Your Home

Titled because of the magnetically attractive qualities it possesses, magnetic paint is created using ferromagnetic additives. Before applying the final paint job, magnetic paint is typically applied first in the form of a wall primer. This is a great way to apply it as it doesn’t comprise the final paint colour scheme thus allowing a seamless magnetic surface anywhere it is desired. Magnetic paints are manufactured by a number of paint manufacturers; Rustoleum and Magnamagic are two of the better known.
Contrary to popular belief the ferromagnetic particles are actually suspended in the paint, not dissolved in the paint. When …