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How to Choose the Right Type of Exterior Paint

So how do you define what really is an exterior paint? There’s no one set of rules that can tell you exactly what defines an exterior paint. There’s nothing to stop you from using an interior paint on the outside of your home. It’s just that paints that are formulated for exterior use are going to be more suitable because of the way they’re made.
You can break all household paints down into two basic categories – they’re either solvent based or water based. Solvent based paints covers all your oil and alkyd types of paints. Water based paints tend …

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Magnetic Paint – A Great Way to Add a Special Touch to Your Home

Titled because of the magnetically attractive qualities it possesses, magnetic paint is created using ferromagnetic additives. Before applying the final paint job, magnetic paint is typically applied first in the form of a wall primer. This is a great way to apply it as it doesn’t comprise the final paint colour scheme thus allowing a seamless magnetic surface anywhere it is desired. Magnetic paints are manufactured by a number of paint manufacturers; Rustoleum and Magnamagic are two of the better known.
Contrary to popular belief the ferromagnetic particles are actually suspended in the paint, not dissolved in the paint. When …

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All About Industrial Garage Floor Paint

Have you ever looked at your garage floor after sweeping it and thought to yourself how you could make it more presentable? Do you wonder if there’s a solution to making your floor last a lifetime? Instead of spending an arm and a leg replacing your existing floor, the next best thing is to purchase an affordable garage floor paint. You’ll achieve the look you’re going for and you won’t even have to hire someone to do it for you.
Just like many household products out in the market today, there are a variety of brands to choose from. The …

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Bumper Spray Paint – How to Spray Paint a Car Bumper Like the Pros

Spray painting a car is easy and fun. Bumper spray painting is much easier because it is only a part of the car. If you purchased a new bumper and find out that the color does not match your vehicle, you can modify accordingly.
Just like the car itself, you need to prepare the surface of the bumper. Mind you, it is the same step to use when spray painting either the front or the back bumpers. You also need to determine the kind of paint your will use for the bumper spray painting. There are numerous paints including the …