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Framing and Matting – See How to Give Extra Worth to Your Painting

It is said that painting is very important for an artist. It is not that you just put your painting on to canvas or the paper, but I would say presenting your masterpiece is also equally important. It gives extra worth to your painting and makes it look complete. You can complete them by framing or matting. Let us learn that how easy it is to give more worth to your painting.
If you have worked on watercolor painting, the very next step after you have signed and completed your painting is matting. Many a times we are not happy …

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The New Paint Zoom – A Home Painting Revelation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ll no doubt have heard of Paint Zoom – the unique all-in-one painting system, capable of attacking any job around the house and home and able to deliver great results. Are the adverts and infomercials correct or are they pulling the wool over your eyes?
First of all, let’s see what all the fuss is about. What do the infomercials say about the product and are they correct in what they say.
The machine uses a paint spray technique, so straightaway we can see that the product removes the …

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How to Make Your Own Face Painting Designs

To a lot of face painters, the thought of making your own face painting designs might seem a little intimidating, but it’s really not. In this article, we’re going to talk not only about how to make your own designs but also how to preserve your designs for future use. If you’re a face painter, or want to learn face painting, read on, and you’ll find out how to release your creative powers painting faces!
Get Creative!
The first thing we need to do is to release your inner Picasso! One thing you need to think about is who your …

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Curb Address Painting – A Home Business Opportunity

A unique idea to get you a home based business is an older idea but it still offers a fresh approach to an easy way to make money. You can offer a unique service for very little cash. This is especially attractive because most people are watching how they spend their money. You can offer to paint their address on their front curb.
There is always a need for painting house numbers on the curbs. In most cities this is a service that can help emergency vehicles find the correct address when the authorities are looking for the people that …