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Maaco Collision and Painting Franchise Centers – Are They Right For You?

In today’s economic environment people across the nation are in search of their own business. You are reading this because you are looking at a MAACO franchise. This article is about helping you in your due diligence. MAACO is a quality company and this author’s dad had a truck painted by MAACO and was very happy with the experience. Perhaps you are a professional person that has seen your job at a big corporation evaporate and now you want to go into business for yourself. You may be a professional in your field and have spent years working and now …

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How to Choose the Right Type of Exterior Paint

So how do you define what really is an exterior paint? There’s no one set of rules that can tell you exactly what defines an exterior paint. There’s nothing to stop you from using an interior paint on the outside of your home. It’s just that paints that are formulated for exterior use are going to be more suitable because of the way they’re made.
You can break all household paints down into two basic categories – they’re either solvent based or water based. Solvent based paints covers all your oil and alkyd types of paints. Water based paints tend …