The Reasons Behind Anthropomorphic Art

This artist is able to paint pictures such as a pug, seemingly taking the part of a person accompanied with a coat, tie and high collar. Many people perceive this art as anthropomorphic. Those old paintings that can be found in European ancestral homes or galleries can be restored by this artist as this is his talent.
A dog’s face would maybe then take the place of a human face in the paintings of this artist. He, the Belgian artist who used to be a restorer when he started out, refers to his pieces as aristochiens and aristocrats. The good thing about his work is that he knows how to capture the image of an animal pretending to be some dignified Englishmen really well.
It is hard to tell if indeed the pieces have been working on was altered as even the additions he has placed seem to be already part of the picture. The feel of his work still embodies that of an ancestral piece despite the alternations he has added. The president of the American society said that if anyone described them to him, he’d say it was the worst idea he ever heard.
One of the pieces from this artist was auctioned off not long ago by the animal society in New York. Also, the artists was able to show people his work as he opened his exhibit at a gallery which has adorable club chairs, tartan couches leather bound books and Sloan ranger’s bibelots. The atmosphere of the gallery was really suitable for his collection.
When the artist was interview it was revealed that he likes to make his work simple but also unique enough in comparison to other artist. His paints are not really that hard to understand to him they are merely poetic. The artist has also begun to notice that the people who typically enjoy purchasing his work are those that are first in their field or those who have a good sense of humor.
The aristos of Europe and the royals are keener into purchasing the works of this artist. His portrait sits among the collections of many royals as well as those people who already have an ancestral portrait collection. A lot of people will be surprised to note that these pieces are the in thing currently.
This artist scours many places just to get original ancestral pieces that he can then restore and add his subjects. A German shorthaired pointer, his muzzle turned haughtily upward, looks the part of a French officer at the battle of Alma in a blue dress uniform with gold epaulettes, sword and an array of medals. Most of the time family crests are attached to the portraits he works one. Tiny dog’s bones will usually cover the insignia.
He also immortalized his red cocker spaniel before it died, painting his long nose and softly curling ears onto several portraits of stolid 19th century matrons, who are now forever condemned to anonymity. There are still a handful of people who have difficulty in accepting the ways of this artist. According to the artists dogs have the right to be part of this work since they help put people in their places. These creatures are always appreciative and will never bother you. Moreover, the artist says that a dog has many positive qualities.
One would have to spend around $5,000 to $8,000 to get a portrait like this. A professor of art history at the local university claims that this way of doing art has already been discovered. Apparently two famous painters as 18th and 19th century graphic artists and satirists have already works similar to this.